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WP Suite Review – This Must-Have Web App Lets You Manage, Control & Grow All Your WordPress Sites From ONE Single Dashboard!

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WP Suite Review

WP Suite Review – New WordPress SAAS Product That Lets You Manage, Control & Grow All Your WordPress Sites from One Single Dashboard!

WP Suite Review – Overview

WP Suite Review – What is it ?

If you have multiple wordpress sites, managing them becomes a PAIN for website owners like you. You need to update the wordpress software regularly, update all the plugins and themes every time there is an update, install multiple plugins and themes across all your sites & manage their content/posts. Having to login each time to each of your sites can be quite a lot of work.

That is where WP Suite  comes in.

WP Suite is a new WordPress SAAS product that lets anyone manage, control and grow all your wordpress sites from one single dashboard… With WP Suite, you can install and manage plugins, add/remove content, upload images and manage comments all in just a few simple clicks. You can even login to all your sites in 1-Click without ever having to enter a password.

That is how easy WP Suite makes it for you to manage multiple wordpress sites.

WP Suite Review – How Does It Works ?

Using WP SUITE is as EASY as 1-2-3… 100% Newbie Friendly – Super Simple!

  • Step 1: Add Your Site into WP Suite online dashboard.
  • Step 2: Download The WP SUITE plugin & install on your site that you want to manage.
  • Step 3: Start Managing Your Site from Within WP SUITE Dashboard, Update Plugins, Themes & do almost anything you want.

WP Suite Demo Video

Short 2 Minute Demo – See Exactly How This Must Have Software Works…

WP Suite Review – Why Should You Use It ?

​Stop Wasting Time Doing Tasks You Can AUTOMATE & Do Them In Just 1-Click…

  • One Summary Dashboard for All Your Sites – Bird’s Eye View – Look at a complete summary of all your sites and from this page you will be able to instantly access all your sites and perform many key actions on any one of your sites without logging in.
  • Add & Manage Unlimited WP Sites – Now you can add unlimited sites to your WP SUITE account and manage the all centrally – no more logging into each site again and again to do tedious tasks.
  • Install Multiple Themes, Plugins Quickly on Any Number of Sites – Installing themes and plugins is a regular task when you are building new sites and it can take time uploading them, updating them and adding them. Now, it can all be done in 2 clicks.
  • 1-Click Update WordPress Software, Themes & Plugins for All Your Sites – Making sure your wordpress software, all your themes & plugins are running the latest version is very important. Doing this for 100s of sites is now extremely easy using WP SUITE.
  • Change WordPress Settings Across All Your Sites Instantly – Settings in wordpress are required to be setup for every site you add or create. Hopping from page to page takes time. But now you can do all your settings from a single dashboard with WP SUITE.

All Your Menial WordPress Tasks Can Now Be Automated CENTRALLY…

  • Centrally Create & Manage WordPress Posts & Pages – No more logging into wordpress each time you want to post an article or copy one article or image from one site to another. Do that from a single login using your WP SUITE account. Just add your sites & done.​
  • Centrally Create Categories & Tags For All Your Sites – Creating categories and tags has never been easier. Easily add categories for multiple sites without having to login over and over again.
  • Create Unlimited Users For Any Of Your Sites – Manage unlimited users across all your sites from a single dashboard & manage your access control for your sites easily & safely.​
  • Centrally Manage Comments Across All Your Sites – Managing comments can be a real pain as wordpress sites get a lot of spam comments. When you have multiple sites, it can get difficult to approve comments. Now you can do all that from a single page – easily!​
  • Create Groups For Sites – Tag & Categorize Them Easily – Group your sites by niches and tags easily to manage them. Install plugins based on site groups and easily update themes & plugins with the smart setup you get with WP SUITE.

WP Suite is perfect for bloggers, webmasters & internet marketers that want to save time & be more productive…

WP Suite Review

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WP Suite Review
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