Home Theme & Plugin WP MakeOver Review – New Revolutionary Powerful WordPress Plugin That Makes Customizing And Protecting WordPress Sites Easier Than Ever Before!

WP MakeOver Review – New Revolutionary Powerful WordPress Plugin That Makes Customizing And Protecting WordPress Sites Easier Than Ever Before!

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WP MakeOver Review

WP MakeOver Review – New Revolutionary Powerful WordPress Plugin That Makes Customizing And Protecting WordPress Sites Easier Than Ever Before!

WP MakeOver Review – Overview

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WP MakeOver Review – What is it ?

Did you know, If you ever set up WordPress sites for clients, you may be facing a support nightmare… Clients mess around with their sites, hackers can easily get access when clients use super simple paswords, or WordPress updates break your custom plugins and themes and everything goes haywire… So you have to spend unnecessary time fixing all these problems, instead of growing your income.

If you want to protect your own or your client’s sites from hackers, or if you want your WordPress dashboards to look completely branded and professional then there is only one solution. Nothing else in the market is going to do that for you except WP MakeOver.

WP MakeOver is a new revolutionary wordpress plugin that have developed like nothing else on the market, in high demand by WordPress users. This plugin gives you awesome control over any WordPress site: changing the colour scheme, adding custom logos to the login and dashboard, removing meta boxes and controls, removing footer credits, stopping all updates, and so many more features!

With WP MakeOver, You can…

  • Create beautiful, branded WordPress based dashboards with your own branding and color schemes.
  • Hide ugly and dangerous WordPress controls from your clients’ view.
  • Prevent hackers from accessing your site.
  • Eliminate unnecessary support calls.
  • Keep your site from breaking due to WordPress updates.
  • Concentrate on securing new customers instead of having to deal with the same customers over and over again!

WP MakeOver Review – The Features

Here’s What WP MakeOver Can Do…

  • Change The Default Color Scheme, Add Custom Logo to Login and Dashboard
  • Remove meta boxes that show news updates, products from wordpress
  • Remove footer credits, Remove wordpress update notices, Completely disable or enable Admin Bar
  • Stops all auto updates / updates of wordpress themes plugins and wordpress core
  • Disable or enable individual menus and submenus of dashboard, media pages, comments, appearances, plugins, users, tools, settings
  • Customize admin bar links and options to show or hide various settings or posts, page and site customizations
  • Reset particular or all databases or reset the whole wordpress site
  • Customize login, Registration, Lost Password and Logout URLs
  • Change Login and Logout Redirect, Change the wp-admin slug to custom slug e.g. (wp-admin to user)

Watch WP MakeOver Demo Video

WP MakeOver Review – Why Do You Need It ?

  • People create their client’s website and many times they want to hide many awful features of wordpress, like news, meta boxes, their products which is on sales, announcements and many others
  • People create custom themes and pluigns, which sometimes break when WordPress gets updated or is accidently updated by their clients, these results in frustration and rework
  • Sometimes it is necessary to remove certain options from the wordpress dashboard like plugins, themes, settings or tool sections or you may like to completely remove the admin bars
  • People sometimes like to provide their clients easy to access the login url apart from traditional login wordpress login (wp-admin)

WP MakeOver Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?

This WP MakeOver Plugin has infinite potential, which not only help to fine tune your personal sites but will massively help in your web development business, it will definitely give you ease of mind so that you can be more productive and dedicated in expanding your business.

The biggest problem a new marketer faces in the competitive market is how to reduce his costs and make profit by serving is customers the best, customer satisfactions is most important factor for your business, as a happy customer will always prefer you for his new service requirements and will be willing to pay you more.

In the end you will always want to make things simple for your customers so that you can safe your and your clients time from unnecessary training and supports. WP MakeOver will helps you to maximize your profits and helps you to save money in long run, as you must concentrate in expanding your business rather than getting stuck and loosing your precious time and money in rectifying your previous unsatisfied customer.

When You Get WP MakeOver Today You’ll Also Get 8 Limited Time Bonuses (Will Disappear When Timer Goes Zero)

  • BONUS 1: Easy Sketch Pro ($142 Value) – Easy Sketch Pro is the #1 Doodle-Sketch Whiteboard Animation Software in the World, with over 75,000 users that Allows You To Create Amazing and NEW Interactive Sketch Videos, SkyRocket Engagement And Boost Sales by 337% for ANY Business. You can create these mesmerizing videos for yourself AND for your clients, and charge them big bucks for awesome videos they will LOVE! If you act now, you’ll receive a free copy of Easy Sketch Pro 3 – Business PRO Edition with Commercial License!
  • BONUS 2: Auto Emulate Live ($47 Value) – Generate $400/Day Ecom Sales, 100’s of Leads For Your Local Business By Using this FB Traffic Multiplier.
  • BONUS 3: Insta Tsunami – Learn How To Get Over 1,000 New Followers In 11 Days using the Power of Instagram!
  • BONUS 4: One Penny Per Visitor – Learn how to get 1,003 Visitors for $15 to Any Offer.
  • BONUS 5: FB Traffick Hack – Get $0.0001 per visitor to any website. Use this secret “Traffic Hack” to get 6 Million People to YOUR videos.
  • BONUS 7: WordPress Fast Track V 2.0 Advanced (with Resale Rights!) – A perfect compliment to WP MakeOver. Upgrade Your Skills And Expertise With This Advanced Video Training To Make sure that your WordPress skills are up to date, or provide this training for your clients!
  • BONUS 8: Local Business Traffic Blueprint (with Master Resale Rights!) – In order to generate traffic for your local business, you need to integrate your online and offline marketing campaigns such that they work congruently and they should complement each other. With this guide you will learn simple pointers for a better chance at success in generating traffic for you and your clients.

WP MakeOver Review

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WP MakeOver Review – My Bonuses

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WP MakeOver Review
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