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Vid Reaper Pro Review – Cutting Edge Cloud Software That Finds Profitable Topics, Titles & Keywords For Video Marketers To Totally Dominate!

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Vid Reaper Pro Review

Vid Reaper Pro Review – Cutting Edge Cloud Software That Finds Profitable Topics, Titles & Keywords For Video Marketers To Totally Dominate!

Vid Reaper Pro Review – Overview

Vid Reaper Pro Review – What is it ?

Vid Reaper Pro is a cutting edge Video Marketing Research SaaS tool. The system automatically digs out, researches and qualifies valuable new Niches & Keywords for video marketing 24 hours a day, cutting the guess work out of your video marketing research. Vid Reaper Pro will scours through the 60million+ YouTube videos indexed in Google to find those that are valuable and give the members the data they need to outrank them… There’s already over 1 million videos in the database.

Vid Reaper Pro Review – How Does It Works ?

Here’s How Vid Reaper Pro Works For You…

  • The software CONSTANTLY filters thru the 60+ million YouTube videos ranking in Google.
  • When you enter a search term, it delivers a continuously updated list of video results in your niche that are PRE-QUALIFIED in terms of traffic and profitability.
  • You can customize results based on EXACTLY what you’re after.
  • And get unlimited video titles, topics & keywords to build videos round that have current, active buying traffic.

Vid Reaper Pro Works With 3 Simple Steps To Targeted Traffic…

  • Step 1: Login and enter your niche or keywords in the search box.
  • Step 2: Customize the real-time results to drill down to the exact topic and audience you want to target.
  • Step 3: Use the provided ranking blueprints, keywords & backlinks to SIPHON traffic from the competition and send it straight to your links and offers.

Vid Reaper Pro Review – The Features

Under The Hood Of This Automated Video Traffic Machine…

  • Database of over 950,000 PROVEN profitable video titles & topics with 3,000 more added every single day – never run out of ideas for traffic & profit generating videos again.
  • Live updating 24/7 – get the LATEST results of the video titles and topics that are generating traffic right now – this system NEVER goes out of date.
  • Customize search and results – enter a keyword or category to get niche-specific results, then FILTER your findings to sort by social shares, likes, category, comments, backlinks, traffic and more – creating custom video campaigns for profit has NEVER been easier.
  • Each result includes a ‘ranking difficulty score’ so you’ll know which videos you can target and EASILY outrank for completely effortless traffic.
  • Reserve up to 100 videos for your eyes only – you and you alone will have access to the stats behind these videos, including a complete ranking blueprint with all keywords & backlinks – in seconds you’ll have a PERSONAL traffic source that no competition can access.
  • Step-by-step video tutorials show EXACTLY how to use Vid Reaper Pro to make profitable videos for your YouTube channel, FanPages and blogs.
  • CUSTOM training on how to both MONETIZE and RANK your videos quickly and easily – for free buyer traffic and ongoing passive profits.
  • Industry leading support and lifetime updates – we use these tools in our own business so whenever we update the software you’ll be instantly upgraded to the latest version.

Vid Reaper Pro Review – Why Should You Use It ?

Imagine your competition has an unlimited video production budget. Money’s no object: he or she can put together Hollywood-style videos in any niche. With Vid Reaper Pro, you can outrank your competition with even the simplest video made with free tools.

Because it’s not about the video, it’s about the traffic. Armed with Vid Reaper Pro, you get ALL the intel you need to outrank the competition in any niche … driving targeted organic traffic straight to your offers. This is your chance to grab unlimited free video traffic while absolutely crushing your competition.

Here’s How Vid Reaper Pro Is Going To Make You Profits Today…


  • Instantly determine PROFITABLE video topics, titles & keywords to create niche-specific videos for.
  • Use simple software or outsource video creation cheaply & drive profits.
  • Enter and dominate any niche at will.
  • Build a TARGETED buyer list.
  • Outrank ANY competition for a never-ending supply of 100% free search engine traffic.
  • Get world class training from a video niche marketing expert on how to rank & monetize videos in any niche.


  • Slap up as many videos as possible without knowing ahead of time if your efforts will translate to profits.
  • Keep buying costly softwares to create flashy videos you ‘hope’ will stand out.
  • Struggle to turn a positive ROI with all the time and money invested in video creation.
  • Fight to find subscribers that are interested in what you’re offering.
  • Wonder if the ‘ranking method’ you’re using now will be out-of-date next week.
  • Keep buying course after course from general marketers promising an answer – without the results to back it up.

Vid Reaper Pro Review – Who is it for ?

Anyone That Wants MORE Traffic Without Paying For It!

  • List Builders – Drive TARGETED visitors to your landing pages with niche-specific videos PROVEN to generate traffic & leads.
  • eCommerce Sellers – Maximize conversions with product and niche videos that get traffic and MAKE SALES.
  • Affiliate Marketers – Get all the free, buyer-intent traffic you can handle with product review videos that drive targeted visitors straight to your offers.
  • Social Media Marketers – Build your audience, brand and profits with video campaigns that target the most ACTIVE buyers in your niche.
  • Bloggers & Content Marketers – Know EXACTLY what type of video content to post that maximizes traffic and engagement … plus discover the secrets to PASSIVE PROFITS by optimizing your blogs for ad revenue.
  • Freelancers – Get your clients more of the thing they need most – real buyer traffic – and write your own paycheck!
  • Video Marketers – Save HOURS of time and THOUSANDS of dollars on research and video creation – now you’ll know AHEAD of time what video topics to pursue for profit.
  • SEO Marketers – Use the power of video marketing the RIGHT way to keep visitors on your sites longer, reduce bounce rate and skyrocket your ranking and traffic.
  • New Internet Marketers – The training shows how easy it is to create videos, and the software sets you up for success by putting you in front of the MOST traffic in the LEAST amount of time.

Vid Reaper Pro Review

Vid Reaper Pro Review – My Bonuses

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Vid Reaper Pro Review
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