TXTVideo Review

TXTVideo by DropMock Review – Brand New Cloud-Based Text Story Video Creation Software for Create Highly-Engaging & Fully Customizable Text-Story Videos In Minutes!

TXTVideo by DropMock Review – Overview


TXTVideo by DropMock Review – What is it ?

TXTVideo by DropMock is a brand new saas cloud-based text story video creation software for create highly-engaging and fully customizable Text-Story videos in minutes that allow you to market in a new, fresh and unique way on facebook, instagram and snapchat. TXTVideo is a new evolution video technology that feels like a fun toy yet has the POWER to assist in making your TXT/SMS Style Videos to go viral and is a MUST for your video marketing tool box!

TXTVideo by DropMock Review

TXTVideo by DropMock will help you…

  • Create Text Stories That Are Displayed In A Smartphone And Turn Them Into Videos
  • SaaS Cloud Based Video Creation Software. Nothing To Download Or Install
  • 3-Step Creation Process For Super-Fast Results
  • Advanced Technology For Simple And Fast Video Render
  • 1-Click Download To Generate Massive Engagement And Drive Traffic
  • Unique Combination Of Psychology + Technology To Push Engagement Through The Roof
  • Works For Any Product In Any Niche. Complete Newbie Friendly. No Technical Skills Required
  • LIMITED Time Launch Special Offer: Commercial License Included Without Upgrade

TXTVideo by DropMock Review – How Does It Works ?

With TXTVideo by DropMock, You Can Create Text-Story Videos In Just 3 Simple Steps Without Any Technical Skills…

  • STEP 1: Login To TXTVideo – Login to your Cloud Based SaaS TXTVideo Platform. Once you are logged in you will now be able to start creating your TXTVideo. Just choose an image, change the name, decide on a time, and battery life. This will get you ready to start adding the TXT Conversation to your video.
  • STEP 2: Create A Video From Your Story – Remember… “People hate getting sold to…but they love to buy.”. The chat could be made to look like it’s between you (or your customer support staff, sales agent) and your customer or even between 2 fictional characters that are related or not, but are talking about your product. Expert Tip: You have complete creative freedom here, so remember to be personal and relatable, and type like a person would normally text someone. Do not use super formal language and don’t forget they live in a text-based world so try to use texting lingo.
  • STEP 3: Download And Share With Your Audience – The Pull Of Social Media Addiction Isn’t All In Heads…It’s REAL. Your audience wants this. They want to be entertained, engaged, informed…and buy from you. TXTVideo’s 1-click download and super-fast video render makes it super easy for you to start sharing your new video instantly on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Just sit back and watch your video go viral.

Watch TXTVideo by DropMock In Action

Be The First In Your Market To Create Highly Engaging Text-Story Videos Like These Carrying Your Marketing Message In Just A Few Minutes…


TXTVideo by DropMock Review – The Features & Benefits

Here’s Some of Powerful Features & Benefits That You’ll Get Inside TXTVideo by DropMock…

  • Easy Conversation Creator – With TXTVideo you are in total control. To help you get started on the right note… we have included some Conversation Scripts. Just pick a conversation script and change anything and everything you want. The entire conversation is completely in your hands. What is being said, how is it being said… you control everything. Words can be really powerful when used right. They help invoke the right emotions and dispel fears. You can literally move mountains with them. The whole chat leads to where you want it to go… to a sales pitch, to a new feature you have just introduced, to creating a need for your product… there’s absolutely no limit to the possibilities.
  • Fully Customizable Conversations – The TXTVideo team believes in perfection. For us…little things matter. We know the HUGE impact these ‘little’ things can have on your business. Keeping that in mind… everything in your TXTVideo conversation script is customizable. Change the text, the display pictures of the persons supposedly chatting, their names, the battery life signs, the time, etc. Every conversation you create would be unique and give a REAL and authentic feel. The team of designers and copywriters that worked on creating these scripts are highly skilled and experienced. They know the market and have a knack for knowing what would work and get you best results.
  • SaaS Cloud Based Video Creation – There are no boundaries and no limits now when it comes to running your business. Businesses are no longer a slave to the day-time. Things like opening hours are a thing of the past. You’re selling 24×7. You’re selling to people from around the world. There are no Off-Days anymore. TXTVideo is a fully SaaS cloud-based video creation tool. You don’t need to download or install anything. Create videos with TXTVideo from wherever you are. Just login and get started. No hosting required. Create a text-story video and download it to any machine. Beat your competitors even when you are on a vacation.
  • Simple And Fast Video Render – Today your audience is consuming content faster than ever before. They are online 24×7. Their attention spans are getting shorter. To be and stay on top of their minds you have to keep creating content almost all the time. TXTVideo’s advanced technology makes rendering your videos 10x faster and simpler than anything out there. Once you have created the conversation you wanted and customized every part of that chat to your liking… hit ‘Render Video’. In just a few moments your new highly engaging video would be ready for download. No more staring at the ‘Rendering Progress Bar’ or trying to refresh the page. No more ‘Your Video Is In The Queue ’ messages.
  • 1-Click Download – Your creations are your property. We value that. You can certainly ‘Save’ those videos on your TXTVideo account…but we also wanted to make sure that your creations are accessible to you even when you are not connected to internet. TXTVideo allows you to download your videos on your computer, tablet, laptop or even smartphones with just 1-click. Once the advanced video render completes rendering your video, you can download the video and save it. Watch the video anytime offline and show it to your friends.
  • Go Viral – Videos are the most engaging content today. And Stories are creating a rage on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Your audience are mainly on these 3 platforms. Combined, these platforms have billions of users across the world. Create your next super marketing video with TXTVideo and go viral on these social media giants. TXTVideo intelligently combines story-telling and your marketing message to create a perfect video to help you grow your business to unimaginable heights.

TXTVideo by DropMock Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?

With TXTVideo by DropMock, You will…

  • No More Worries About Copyrighted Images And Video Clips – To create an engaging video you have needed images and short video clips. Now, most of these that are good enough to be used in your video to help you deliver the right message…are copyrighted i.e. are owned by someone. Every time you use them you are running a real risk of a lawsuit. Words on the other hand are mostly not restricted or owned by anyone. Changing the context, changes the meaning…and they still continue to be really powerful in influencing buying decisions.
  • Commercial License Included. Limited Time Special Launch Time Offer ONLY – TXTVideo is not just a software you’re investing a small amount in today…to create viral videos with your marketing message cleverly included. It’s much more than that… Only for a LIMITED time, you get the TXTVideo Commercial License without upgrading. Grab the license and start creating these amazing text-story videos for your local clients. You can easily sell such videos for $299 a pop, making a huge ROI instantly on your purchase today.

TXTVideo by DropMock is Available At This All-Time Low Introductory Offer For Only A Limited Period…

Once this special launch comes to an end, TXTVideo will be taken of the market. It will be re-launched in a few months’ time at a monthly recurring cost of $199 (details to be worked out at a later stage). This special offer is ONLY for a select few business partners and their customers and DropMock’s existing customers. In case you face troubles at the checkout page, please contact your affiliate or our Support Desk immediately.

Once the launch is over…the one-time price in the system would end. After that, you’ll have to wait for a few months to get your hands on TXTVideo (and that too at a much higher monthly recurring price). With the No Questions Asked 30-days Money Back Guarantee in place, your investment is absolutely secure.

TXTVideo Review


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TXTVideo by DropMock Review
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