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SEO Gamechanger Review – “Software For Serious SEOs”… Manage, Scale And Grow Your SEO Business Without Spreadsheets!

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SEO Gamechanger Review

SEO Gamechanger Review – “Software For Serious SEOs”… Manage, Scale And  Grow Your SEO Business Without Spreadsheets!

SEO Gamechanger Review – Overview

SEO Gamechanger Review – What is it ?

SEO Gamechanger is a revolutionary SAAS product is for SEO’s running client and affiliate SEO services. It manages all the tasks and data tracking associated with SEO fulfillment and gets rid of the need to use spreadsheets to track this data and the very real problem of losing track of what has been done for which client, and managing PBN networks.

SEO Gamechanger will revolutionize the SEO industry by making it easy to manage and organize all facets of SEO implementation…

  • Eliminate Spreadsheets for tracking all your SEO Data.
  • Track and manage your PBN network including domain renewals, hosting, expenses, links, metrics.
  • Track earnings and expenses both per client and at an overall business level.
  • Task management and allocation including allocation to Staff/Virtual Assistants and reminders/notifications.
  • Track & record outsourced work (fiverr gigs etc).
  • Client task management and reporting including checklists and reminders.
  • Sub Accounts for VA’s and Agencies.

SEO Gamechanger Review – The Features

  • Client Management – Full Client Management and Reporting including Websites, Links, Resources, Checklists and Reminders.
  • PBN Management – Track and manage your PBN Network Domains including Domain Renewals, Hosting, Expenses, Links, and Metrics from AHRefs, Majestic & MOZ including Index status of your PBN Network.
  • Task Management – Task Management and Tracking including Allocation to VAs/Staff and Dashboard Reminders/Notifications.
  • Resources Management – Track & Record all Resources for your business including Software Subscriptions, Training and Outsourced work.

SEO Gamechanger Review – Why Should You Use It ?

  • Built For SEOs By SEOs – Keep track of all the tasks and data required to rank your websites including VA & staff allocated tasks, and manage the ever growing complexity of your PBN network, expenses and income, articles, posts, links and resources.
  • Built For Growth – SEO Gamechanger is built to support processes in your SEO business that allows you to scale without losing control of your valuable data.
  • Built For Easy Use – SEO Gamechanger is designed and built to be easy and intuitive to use for you and your staff.

SEO Gamechanger Demo Video

SEO Gamechanger Comprises Of The Following Modules…

  • Clients: manages all facets of client data including financials (revenue, expenses and profit), contracts, websites and target URLs including all usernames and passwords, hosting, client onboarding, profiles, citations, and links/anchor text from PBNs to your client target URLs.
  • PBNs: manage and track all data associated with your PBN network sites including purchasing information, auto metrics and index tracking (AHRefs, Majestic, MOZ), registrar/hosting details, renewal management, persona data, link capacity, and auto linking management for client websites including IP/DNS/Hosting duplication checking.
  • Article/Content Library: Order, track and post content articles for your client sites to your PBNs from the software including anchor text tracking, authority links, expense allocation to clients and article archiving.
  • Tasks: Manage all tasks for your SEO business including VA/staff allocation, due date monitoring and expense allocation.
  • Sub Accounts: Setup staff/VA sub accounts within your account with permissions.
  • Resources: track all resources used in your SEO agency including software subscriptions, training memberships and VA/staff.
  • Dashboard: The control center for the software and displays key data about your SEO business including Due & Overdue Tasks, Notification messages that inform you of important events including link building, metrics changes to PBNs, PBN Indexing/De-indexing, Resource payments due, PBN domain & hosting expiry & Client contract expiry.
  • Reporting: monthly client task reports, earnings/expenses, PBN links per client/website.

SEO Gamechanger Review

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Thank you for reading my SEO Gamechanger Review best wishes to you!

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