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RewardLeads Review – Cloud Based Marketing Automation & Loyalty System Getting You More Customers, More Sales Per Customer, More Subscribers & Cheaper Facebook Ads!

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RewardLeads Review

RewardLeads Review – Cloud Based Marketing Automation System With An Army Of Virtual Sales People Getting You Buyers, Sales, Subscribers 24/7!

RewardLeads Review – Overview

RewardLeads Review – What is it ?

RewardLeads is a mid-ticket SaaS that is your own virtual army of sales people getting you more customers, more sales per customer, more subscribers and cheaper Facebook Ads.

RewardLeads is a digital Loyalty program for product vendors, events, affiliates and ecom stores. It automatically rewards your buyers with loyalty points and automated incentives ensuring that they…

  • Buy More Products – Purchases = points and rewards. A huge advantage over your competitors. RewardLeads will even follow up when your buyers forget to get that upgrade, without you lifting a finger.
  • Get New Customers – Potential buyers will join your program just to earn points but you also get viral growth from buyers because they get points torecommend others. PLUS they get points from purchases made by those recommended buyers – meaning you get buyer leads!
  • Automate Sales – With this Facebook technology you can build custom audiences of buyer behaviour. Meaning you can recapture buyers who have stopped purchasing, remove refunders and target low, mid or high ticket buyers only. It even have automated email followup to remind people that they are close to the next incentive level!

RewardLeads Review – How Does It Works ?

Getting started with RewardLeads is incredibly easy. All you have to do is…

  1. Connect RewardLeads To Your Favourite Payment Programs – Whatever payment system, affiliate network or shopping cart you use, RewardLeads can ‘hook into it’. Just copy our webhook code to your payment platform of choice and RewardLeads can start assign points and building up profiles.
  2. Link Up To Facebook And Your Email Autoresponders – Simply link RewardLeads to your Facebook accounts and email autoresponders, and you can begin segmenting your buyers based on how much they spend and how they behave. That means you can laser target buyers with RewardLeads created custom audiences and mailing lists.
  3. Create Your Rewards Store And Automation – Now, all that is left to do is to tell RewardLeads what sort of incentives to deliver and what they cost. You can also set rewards for completing their profile and recommending friends. Add SMTP Email Sending details, and RewardLeads can even mail out your buyers to tempt them to keep buying!

Watch RewardLeads Demo Video

See How You Get More Subscribers, Buyers And Sales With RewardLeads

RewardLeads Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?

RewardLeads is your chance to have your own automated list building, marketing and sales team. Working round the clock to bring you more profits. This system is a true digital rewards scheme combined with advanced automation and artificial intelligence.

  • RewardLeads works in any niche that sells online. It doesn’t matter if it’s a digital product, an event, coaching, service, a physical eCom product or even an affiliate offer.
  • You get new subscribers because everyone loves free, and loyalty points fire peoples imagination. They desire the increased status that comes with threshold rewards, and they love spending points on the things THEY want.
  • You get new customers because friends are incentivised to send you real buyers
  • You get better email engagement because of automatic segmentation and your Loyalty Store offers and emails.
  • Buyers spend more and more with you. Thanks to automated triggers buyers are incentivised to get that upgraded product, to buy a new product from you rather than a competitor.
  • Your Ad costs plummet as you automatically build hyper-targeted Facebook lists based on buyer behaviour.

This is Your Only Chance To Get RewardLeads Charter License For A One Off Payment Of Just $197

For a very limited time, you can save over 90% on regular pricing and lock in Charter level membership at no extra cost. ​In 18 months you can be certain that many of your competitors will be running reward schemes. Your choice is to roll over, or get in early and lock them out.

RewardLeads will cost over $1700 per year for standard package. People will pay that many times over because of the immense return on investment it delivers.

​As I hinted earlier, we need your stories, your success. Which means you get a phenomenal deal.​

Right now, they’ve got a special seven-day offer, and give you everything you need to not only succeed but succeed big. When you get RewardLeads during this special offer period, you are also getting the following added to your account.

PLUS Order Right Now And Get Upgraded

  • Unlimited Subscribers To Your Loyalty Program
  • ​RewardLeads ‘Charter’ level features such as email notifications at certain spending levels (An action is anything that happens when a trigger is fired, such as sending an email or delivering an incentive)

​PLUS, You’re Also Getting These Exclusive Training Programs To Accelerate Your Results…

  • Live Training Webinars (Worth $350)
  • Project X CaseStudy (Worth $500)
  • “Dimensionalise” high-end Training Product that shows you how to get more sales out of existing products (Worth $199)
  • ​Affiliate Sales Guide (Worth $67)
  • ​Custom Audiences Special Training (Worth $67)
  • Small Audiences – Training (Worth $47)

RewardLeads Review

RewardLeads Review – My Bonuses

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RewardLeads Review
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The Price Of RewardLeads Will Be Increases With Every Purchase!!! So, Grab Your Discounted Copy + Exclusive Bonus Package Right NOW!!!

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