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ResponseSuite Review – Build TARGETED Lists Of Unlimited, Engaged Subscribers With This Revolutionary Software That Attracts, Segments And Instantly Monetizes New Leads!

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ResponseSuite Review

ResponseSuite Review – An Awesome List-Building Survey Platform That Allow You Creates Stunning Surveys Into Your Marketing Campaigns is a Powerful Way To Grow Your Business And Make More Money!

ResponseSuite Review – Overview

30 Day Guaranted

ResponseSuite Review – What is it ?

ResponseSuite is an awesome list-building survey platform that allow you creates stunning surveys which hook up directly into your autoresponder or CRM and then segments people based on their answers to survey questions. Not only that but you can take people to a different thank you page after completing your survey based on their answers. This makes list building and segmentation easier than ever before. ResponseSuite will help you building surveys into your marketing campaigns is a powerful way to grow your business, instantly monetize new subscribers and increase conversions so you can sell more products, more often, to more people.

Fully-Hosted, Drag & Drop Survey Creator Specifically For Generating Profitable Leads In ANY Niche…

  • Convert targeted audiences into qualified leads & buyers
  • Leverage automated segmentation to skyrocket conversions
  • Maximize engagement with both new and existing subscribers
  • Leverage traffic from multiple sources, regardless of your budget
  • Build lists of pre-qualified subscribers in any niche
  • AUTOMATICALLY segment audiences onto targeted lists
  • Instantly monetize new leads thanks to “smart redirect” technology
  • Re-engage existing audiences and retarget new ones to maximize ROI

ResponseSuite Review – How Does It Works ?

ResponseSuite Works in 3 Simple Steps To More Leads, More Sales & Higher Customer Value….

(With A Single Software That Tells You Exactly What Your Audience Wants To Buy!)

  • STEP 1: Create Your Stunning Survey – Start from scratch or duplicate & customize an existing survey from your library. The platform is lightning fast, responsive and easy to use … you’ll be amazed by how quickly you can create and deploy powerful surveys.
  • STEP 2: Customize For Your Audience – Use the drag & drop editor to create a custom survey in minutes. Add questions & choose from multiple choice, single choice, text answers or more. Redirect options let you keep users on the current page, send to a standard thank-you page, or “smart url”… Letting you present specific content & offers based on their answers for a MASSIVE boost in conversions
  • STEP 3: Share And Scale – Once your survey is done, you’ll get a ‘pretty link’ letting you drive traffic any way you wish. Post surveys on your own sites… Promote them via email… And leverage paid ads for maximum ROI.

Watch ResponseSuite Demo Video

Your Automated Solution For Qualified Leads & Higher Profits.

Watch the demo to see how ResponseSuite will build your list, increase sales AND keep customers coming back for more…

ResponseSuite Seamless Integration With The Tools You Already Use

ResponseSuite integrates with ANY autoresponder… enjoy hands-free automation that syncs leads to your platform of choice the moment they subscribe.

DIRECT API Integration With 3 Leading Autoresponders

(Even more on the way as the platform continues to evolve)


  • UNLIMITED Connectivity With ANY Autoresponder Via HTML – New leads are AUTOMATICALLY added to your autoresponder … Both new AND existing subscribers are segmented onto targeted lists of your choice … for a huge boost in conversions whenever you promote.
  • Hassle-Free List Building – Forget the tedious process of manually downloading leads! No time-intensive importing individual subscribers to your lists. ResponseSuite automates everything, letting you instantly capture sales upon subscription while maximizing long term conversions.

ResponseSuite Review – The Features & Benefits

ResponseSuite is more than a lead generation, segmentation & conversion tool. Use it as a cornerstone to continually grow your business…

  • Maximize Membership & Subscription Profits while decreasing “churn” rate – If members choose to leave your recurring sites, a simple survey can help you offer them a more suitable solution… so you keep more customers on the books.
  • Maintain List Integrity – If leads choose to unsubscribe, multiple choice “exit surveys” can offer compelling options such as fewer emails or information on select topics. ResponseSuite® lets you keep more happy subscribers on your list.
  • Upgrade Existing Customers – Send a survey to current customers asking what they need, then offer suitable products to fulfill those needs – perfect for upgrading customers to premium membership levels and products.
  • Increase Affiliate Commissions – Instead of blasting a single offer to your entire list, use ResponseSuite® to find out what each subscriber needs, then promote the ideal offer to increase conversions.
  • Cultivate Your Brand & Authority – Nothing makes you the “marketer of choice” more than actively engaging with your subscribers… and ResponseSuite® shows your leads you’re genuinely interested in their needs & goals.
  • Sell More High End Offers – Convert more leads into high end buyers with ResponseSuite®. Use interactive surveys to prequalify leads… save time & money by focusing on clients that are an ideal fit for your premium offers.

ResponseSuite: A NEW Standard For Lead And Profit Generation

  • Get More Organic Traffic – Surveys posted to social media are FREQUENTLY shared, meaning users drive traffic for you. Surveys on your own sites keep visitors engaged longer, leading to improved SEO and search ranking.
  • Instant Lead Monetization – Smart redirect technology lets you literally get paid to build your list. Instantly show new leads ideal offers based on their SPECIFIC interests to enjoy “impulse” purchase profits.
  • Drag & Drop Survey Creator – Deploy visually stunning, engaging surveys in minutes with the intuitive and incredibly fast built-in builder.
  • Drag & Drop CUSTOM Reports – Track the metrics YOU need to scale your business with custom reports showing how to optimize each campaign.
  • Maximize ROI – Automatically segment both new AND existing leads onto targeted lists so you can enjoy HIGHER CONVERSIONS from every offer.
  • Save Time & Money – No need for costly lead magnets and landing pages to add qualified leads to your business.
  • Pre-Sell For The Win – Thanks to the flexibility of the question formats … you can HIGHLIGHT features of your offers within your surveys. Pre-condition survey takers so they’re EXCITED to act on your follow-up offers.

ResponseSuite Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?

ResponseSuite is the Platform YOUR Business Needs, this is the most complete, all-in-one lead generation, segmentation & conversion tool on the market. Under ONE platform, you can…

  • Leverage traffic from multiple sources, regardless of your budget.
  • Build lists of pre-qualified subscribers in any niche.
  • AUTOMATICALLY segment audiences onto targeted lists.
  • Instantly monetize new leads thanks to “smart redirect” technology.
  • Re-engage existing audiences and retarget new ones to maximize ROI.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Today With ResponseSuite…

  • #1 Marketing Survey Platform On The Planet
  • 10 Powerful “Answer Types”
  • Powerful Custom Report Builder For Total Analytical Control
  • Bonus: 4-Week Survey Marketing Masterclass Training
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Intuitive Drag & Drop Survey Builder
  • Native Autoresponder Integration
  • Built-In “Smart Redirect” Technology For Instant Monetization
  • Bonus: Unlimited Membership To VIP Facebook User Group
  • Your own custom-branded subdomain
  • Unlimited Surveys (With 20 Active At Any Time)
  • Receive Up To 30,000 Responses Per Month
  • Built-In “Smart Redirect” Technology For Instant Monetization
  • Unlimited Updates And New Features To The Software
  • UK-Based Customer Support

ResponseSuite Review

ResponseSuite Review – My Bonuses

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ResponseSuite Review
  • 10/10
    100% BONUS - 10/10
  • 9.8/10
    FEATURES - 9.8/10
  • 9.8/10
    EASY TO USE - 9.8/10
  • 10/10
    SUPPORT - 10/10


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