Home Tools & Software Recastly Review – The First Ever App That Generates Subtitles For Any Video In Almost All Languages Even If You Don’t Know The Language, And Lets You Hardcode Them Onto Your Videos!

Recastly Review – The First Ever App That Generates Subtitles For Any Video In Almost All Languages Even If You Don’t Know The Language, And Lets You Hardcode Them Onto Your Videos!

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Recastly Review

Recastly Review – The First Ever App That Generates Subtitles For Any Video In Almost All Languages Even If You Don’t Know The Language, And Lets You Hardcode Them Onto Your Videos!

Recastly Review – Overview

Recastly Review – What is it ?

Recastly is the first ever app that generates subtitles for any video in almost all languages. With Recastly you can also burn these subtitles onto video so no special step is required to view these subtitles for your viewers (especially great for uploading to FB).

Recastly also lets you reveal subtitles word-by-word which means, the subtitles will appear word by word as they are spoken in the video (A great way to ensure that subtitle readers won’t know what happens next in the scene).

And that’s just getting started, Recastly comes with a powerful Text to Speech Engine that can replace the voice in the video with automated natural sounding voiceovers in 50+ languages (so you can convert your video into any language by having voiceovers and subtitles in that language). Recastly also has a ton of beautiful templates ready to use (prepare to see some of best-looking subtitles ever).

Recastly Review – How Does It Works ?

Video Profits In 4 Short Steps With Recastly…

  • Step 1: Login & submit a video by YouTube URL or upload from your computer.
  • Step 2: Get subtitles generated for your video in ANY language, regardless of the original language of your video.
  • Step 3: Get automated voiceovers in your choice of over 50 languages and 20+accents -each PERFECTLY synced to your video.
  • Step 4: Directly upload your transcribed videos to Facebook, YouTube & Vimeo for a HUGE increase in traffic and conversions.

Watch Recastly Demo Video

See EXACTLY How Recastly Is Going To Skyrocket Your Profits

Recastly Review – The Features

Recastly will Help You Customize Any Video And Offer For ANY Audience…

  • Modify Any Transcript Or Subtitle, Line By Line – Want to add your name, a product title, or a certain traffic-driving keyword? Point and click simple inside the dashboard … and get a live preview of how it’ll appear before you publish.
  • Stunning Videos That Stand Out Every Time – Choose from multiple, professional subtitle templates that give your videos a studioqualitylook that make users stop, watch and click. Each template renders perfectly onsocial media, YouTube & mobile.
  • Customized Voiceovers – You Have 100% Control – Want your automated voiceovers to read a certain section slower, faster, louder orquieter? Adjust all of these as well as pitch and inflection – PERFECT to increase conversions on your calls to action. With Recastly, YOU’RE the director and what youwant is what you get.
  • Timestamps: Turn Your Videos Into Highlight Reels and Sell Even More – Every time Recastly makes subtitles for your videos, it creates timestamps of eachsection. Now you can simply copy and paste these into a new video to highlight ANYTHING you want: a new product lineup, customer testimonials, or more. PERFECT for review and sales videos, podcasts and driving traffic to eCom stores.
  • Branding Built-In – Add a logo watermark to your videos that – like the fixed texts – remains in place duringplayback. This is a PROVEN way to build brand recognition – now you can do it withevery video.
  • GRAB Attention and Steal Traffic On Social And Mobile – Recastly lets you customize your video appearance to maximize conversions on socialmedia, YouTube, mobile and your own sites. Simply drag and drop your subtitles and watermarks ANYWHERE you want to get the highest conversions from any audience.
  • Increase Sales With The Personal Touch – The voiceover tech included with Recastly is the most advanced in the industry.But sometimes, you may want a live human voiceover. So they’ve made a unique deal with rev.com to get you live human voiceovers any timeyou want … for a fraction of their normal rates. Any language, any accent – provided bythe most respected transcription service on the market. You can order these live voiceovers right inside your dashboard and enjoy a turnaroundin less than 24 hours.

Recastly Review – The Benefits

Recastly is the world’s 1st & EASIEST Software For Maximizing Your Traffic & Profits From ANY Video…

  • Get More Traffic, WITHOUT Creating More Videos – Add subtitles to your videos and they’ll STAND OUT and grab attention on social media.Transcribe any video into ANY language and reach audiences in foreign countries …literally 10X your traffic to every video. Create UNLIMITED variations of ANY video in minutes … post across multiple YouTube channels and social media accounts to attract targeted audiences in any niche, country or language.
  • Rank Higher For 100% Free Google Traffic – Search engines love videos with subtitles … because their bots can crawl your content and the result is higher ranking and more free traffic. Recastly lets you CUSTOMIZE your subtitles to include relevant keywords and phrases you want to rank for … meaning even more TARGETED traffic, free of charge.
  • Industry Leading Transcription Accuracy – The whole point of adding subtitles is to send a CLEAR message … but existing tools often turn your video into garbled nonsense no one can understand. Recastly’s technology delivers you subtitles at over 90% accuracy so your message is clearly received – and you can edit any subtitle line by line.
  • Keep Your Viewers GLUED To The Screen – Recastly’s unique “word-by-word” subtitles don’t reveal q of your video’s offers until YOU want viewers to see them. In multiple tests this technology has proven to increase engagement and maximize watch time … so more people act on your offers, and you make more money.
  • Skyrocket Conversions With Fixed Calls To Action On ANY Video – Recastly lets you add customisable text blocks to the top and bottom of your videos that appear THROUGHOUT playback. Users won’t be able to resist your calls-to-action and you’ll get a massive increase in clicks and sales.
  • Convert More Buyers In ANY Language – Recastly’s voiceovers leverage Amazon Polly – the world’s most advanced automated voice over technology. You get natural sounding human voices in over 50 languages and 20+ accents. Now you can take a single video and use it to make GLOBAL sales by speaking to customers in their language … automatically.

Recastly Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?

You’ve Seen The PROFIT Power Of Adding Subtitles & Voiceovers To Your Videos…

Imagine The Possibilities When You Get UNLIMITED Traffic & Higher Conversions To EVERY VIDEO!

  • Turn ANY video into a profit channel in multiple markets. Exploit social media, foreign language markets, mobile traffic & more.
  • DUPLICATE your eCom stores in minutes to drive higher sales. Convert any eCom video into any language to tap into massive buyer markets UNTOUCHED by your competition.
  • Explode your affiliate, CPA & list building profits 10X your exposure – and profits – simply by sharing your message with a global audience.
  • Top learning platforms like Udemy already embrace video caption technology because it converts more prospective students into paying customers…
  • Increase conversions while SAVING money – no need to hire voiceover professionals, use the automated tech included for natural voiceovers that maximize profits.
  • Find a review video for a product you’re promoting, customize your subtitles & language … and profit using videos made by others.

Recastly is a web-based solution for turning your videos into traffic driving, conversion and profit machines…

  • Instantly create video subtitles in ANY language to skyrocket your traffic and conversions across international markets.
  • Get automated, highest quality, NATURAL voiceovers for your videos in any language, instantly – with the click of a button.
  • EXPLODE your reach on social media & mobile with videos that stand out and are accessible by ANYONE at ANYTIME.

Turn ANY Video Into A Traffic & Sales Machine Everything You Need Is Inside…

  • Maximize Social Media & Mobile Traffic – STOP scrollers in their tracks with subtitles that grab attention, and videos optimized for both social and mobile users … cash in on the HUGE user base that views video without sound
  • Get Explosive Conversions & Profits – Your subtitled videos get indexed faster and rank higher … plus you can optimize them for specific keywords, getting you more consumer-based 100% free traffic on demand
  • Create A GLOBAL Audience – Instantly reach buying markets in foreign countries with captions and automated voiceovers in any language … profit in untapped markets that drive BILLIONS in sales.
  • Free Traffic, Thanks To Google – Combine text and professional audio to engage more viewers so they ABSORB your message and take action … stop losing viewers before they reach your money-making message.

Recastly Review

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Recastly Review
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