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PerkZilla Review – The Smartest Solution for Rapid List Growth & Explosive Levels of Viral Traffic for Your Website… With More Traffic & More Subscribers!

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PerkZilla Review

PerkZilla Review – The Smartest Solution To Grab Attention, Engage Visitors, Drive More Traffic, Boost Clicks And Increase Sales And Profits!

PerkZilla Review – Overview

PerkZilla Review – What is it ?

PerkZilla is A BRAND NEW WAY to Get More Traffic, More Subscribers And All The Social Love You Can Handle. PerkZilla is the smartest solution for rapid list growth and explosive levels of viral traffic for your website.

PerkZilla Offers A Smart Way To Grab Attention, Engage Visitors, Drive More Traffic, Boost Clicks and Increase Sales & Profits…

  • Sell more products and boost conversions using the proven power Word of Mouth marketing.
  • Rapidly generate 100% free social media powered traffic
  • Perfect for Start-Ups, Product Launchers, Ecom Stores & more.
  • Works on any type of website including landing pagers, blogs, shopping carts etc.
  • Integrates seamlessly with all top Autoresponder services.

PerkZilla Review – The Features

The Powerful Features Of PerkZilla…


  • PerkZilla is simple, fast and super easy to set up with nothing to install or configure and no complex coding needed. We’ve made it plug and play simple to add a powerful signup referral system to ANY site, exponentially increasing your sign ups and helping your offers go viral.
  • Just login to your secure dashboard, create a new campaign and copy & paste the code into your webpage or blog post. You can then edit or update your campaign from anywhere with Internet access without having to touch the webpage again.


  • Fully customizable “Trigger Emails” are sent automatically when the user hits a predetermined referral number. You can set these targets (e.g. send email when the user has referred 10 others) and you can send UNLIMITED emails in each campaign.
  • Use these messages to deliver rewards and to motivate users to refer even more visitors to your campaign.
  • Includes pre-loaded and customizable message templates for website launches (queue-jump and buzz building), Product / Service level upgrades for referrals, Giveaways and more.


  • Perkzilla has been developed to harness the power of word of mouth referrals using social media. From now on you won’t just collect individual sign-ups, this is list building on an accelerated scale where each new subscriber will bring in on average 3 others with them – It’s fast, simple and a proven way to build buzz via the previously untapped network of your user base.
  • Works With: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumbler and Reddit


  • Perkzilla comes fully loaded with an advanced fraud detection and prevention center. We constantly monitor suspicious and fraudulent sign up activity as well as prevent spammers from abusing your campaigns for rewards.


  • You can easily track the performance of all your campaigns with our awesome data reporting panel. You can view at a glance visitor metrics, viral vs. direct lead attribution and the viral multiplier results of your campaigns.
  • You can also manage leads and view/track their activity to identify your top referrers/influencers!
  • PerkZilla also includes the option to set an alternative “Tracking Page URL” this enables you to add your welcome message on a separate page of your choice where you can add tracking / pixel codes (great for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels).


  • PerkZilla’s seamless click/copy integrations with the most popular autoresponder services give you the option to add your new subscriber leads automatically to your mailing lists.
  • You can use different autoresponders and different lists within your autoresponder for each campaign and if your favorite service isn’t listed let us know and we’ll make it happen!
  • You can also export your subscriber leads directly from the platform in CSV format at any time!

Add a Viral Contest or show Content Upgrades by adding our copy & paste code to ANY landing page, blog post or HTML site…

Just add a snippet of code and PerkZilla integrates with your existing autoresponders, landing pages, templates — PerkZilla Works With ANY Page That Supports HTML Form Code, Including

PerkZilla Features

Build your next smart sign-up form with PerkZilla and connect with ANY of the following Autoresponder services via direct API integration


  • Effective Viral Marketing – Word-of-mouth marketing is not only low cost, but it’s one of the most effective ways to market a product or service for great results.
  • Integrate In Any Webpage – We don’t limit you to templates like other services – Adding a viral referral system to your site is done by pasting in a single line of code.
  • List & Profits Boosting – Because each new subscriber you acquire is encouraged / incentivized to share with others, you’ll see a better return on acquisition cost.
  • Lifetime ‘Early Adopters’ – Become one of our ‘Early Adopters’ today and grab a heavily discounted LIFETIME account with zero ongoing annual or monthly fees.

PerkZilla Demo Video

Watch A Campaign Being Built In Real Time..

PerkZilla Review – Why Should You Use It ?

PerkZilla Build Viral Buzz For Your Products, Services Or Brand…

The PerkZilla platform has been developed to help businesses, marketers and website owners spread the word about their upcoming launches, grow their email lists and create a competitively driven environment where your most loyal customers become your top advocates. This rapidly builds a ‘buzz’ via word of mouth about your products, services and your brand, making it easy to exponentially increase sales, market adoption and email list dominance…

  • Content Upgrades That Work – With PerkZilla you can automatically deliver premium content, bonuses and more in exchange for emails & social shares. Encourage visitors to subscribe for your lead magnets such as discount coupons and PDFs to capture leads then give away MORE bonuses and rewards when new subscribers share your offer with their social media friends and followers.
  • Viral Contests Made Easy – Harness the power of ‘word of mouth’ referrals to explode your subscriber numbers – It’s list building on overdrive! Offer a compelling prize or targeted incentive then when a visitor enters your giveaway with their email you can encourage them to refer others for additional entries, other perks and additional rewards – All on complete autopilot!

PerkZilla Review

PerkZilla Review – My Bonuses

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PerkZilla Review
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    FEATURES - 9.8/10
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    EASY TO USE - 9.8/10
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