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MailGet Review

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MailGet Review

MailGet Review

MailGet Review – MailGet is An Affordable Email Marketing Solution With 27% Higher Engagement Rate Than Other Top Mailing Platforms!

MailGet Review – Overview

Product: MailGet

Vendor: Neeraj Agarwal

Official Website: Click here to go MailGet Official Site

Launch Date: 2017 – 05 – 13 At 11:00 EDT

Price: $29 – $269

Niche: General 

MailGet Review – What is it ?

MailGet is an email client, a perfect solution for email marketing that required no hosting and complicated setup. With MailGet, you can send mass emails to reach your prospective customers via Amazon SES and other SMTPs on Cloud with a very low price i.e. 100x cheaper as compared to other Top Mailing Platforms.

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MailGet Review – The Features

Here’s The Powerful Features Of MailGet…

  • Easy Responsive Email Builder – Powerful responsive email builder to design pixel-perfect, branded emails that look incredible in every inbox and on every device. Drag & Drop elements have unique green CTA Buttons which are tested & proven to Double/Triple Click Rate in every campaign.
  • Custom HTML Emails – Use this feature if your newsletter demands special layout which can be fulfilled by custom HTML. Advanced HTML user will find this feature very useful in giving a unique & special look to their mails.
  • 40+ SMTP Integration Available – Integrate with multiple well-known SMTP services say – Amazon SES, Mailgun, Postmark, SendGrid, Mailjet, Mandrill and other SMTP relay services. Distribute your emails and send through multiple services to achieve best inbox deliverability.
  • Smart Analytics – Track your email campaigns with comprehensive awesome data visualization. The system simplifies analytics with straightforward stats and graphs that show you who opened your messages, how many clicked, how many people unsubscribed and more.
  • Personalization Tags – Converse with your customers via personalized content. You can personalize your emails to greet your recipients by their first name. Personalization is a great way to engage with your subscribers and sell more stuff.
  • Automated Email Drip/ Autoresponder – Get enterprise-level automation and send a set of emails based on specific timelines to provide your customer the right information at the right time. Experience marketing automation built for your business.
  • Intelligent List Management – Collect, segment and manage your contacts more effectively and then send more targeted and personal message to improve deliverability and engagement rate. Easily import your email list via CSV or individual contacts and ensure your list is up to date. You can also block and delete contact individually as needed.
  • Email List Cleaning – Performs email list validation and verification on your existing email addresses. It free up all irrelevant contacts i.e. bad, duplicate, spam, and inactive addresses that can affect your email marketing campaign. And improves your email reputation and increased email deliverability.
  • Auto FollowUp Emails – Set automatic follow-up email to resend the email message to those contacts that failed to open your email first campaign and dramatically improve your open rates. You can customize how long to wait until a follow-up email is sent.
  • Hard Bounce Ducking – Get rid of spam complaints and bounces. MailGet detects and removes all junk and temporary email addresses that are used for one-time usage during signup. These hard bounced addresses will harm your reputation, so to prevent that we add those emails into suspended and bounce email list.
  • Custom Unsubscribe Link – Unsubscribe email feature allows your recipient to unsubscribe from your campaign with a single click instead of marking you as spam. With this feature, your customer can effortlessly remove themselves from your email marketing list.
  • Subscription Form – Add a subscription form to your website to grow your audience and generate more leads and sales. Collect subscribers directly into your list with web forms and start growing your email list..!!
  • API Integration – Integrate MailGet with other service providers and automatically get your contact list synchronised and add subscribers directly into the list. There’s no need to import subscriber list explicitly.
  • Super Affordable Email Marketing – MailGet email marketing service is 100X cheaper than other top email marketing service providers. It has all the necessary features and tools required for a successful email campaign.

“MailGet Loaded With Inbuilt Features For Sending Personalized Email Campaigns.”

MailGet Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?

MailGet has very low price i.e. 100x cheaper as compared to other mailing services.

MailGet - An Affordable Email Marketing Solution

Why MailGet Is Better Than Mailwizz, Sendy ?

If your considering MailGet as an option to use as front end dashboard with your SMTP service, We can give you strong reasons why it should be your priority and final selection in comparison to other popular similar solution in the market.

  1. No Complex Setup or Hosting is Required – MailGet is web based platform thus user needs to easily plug and play with any SMTP service. On the other hand, Mailwizz and Sendy require hosting, complex setup before integrating with SMTP Services and Sending emails.
  2. Drag Drop Responsive Email Builder – This feature is not present in any of front end mailing platform except MailGet. Unique and premium feature to ensure your mails look good on every device.
  3. List Cleaning – Forget about just front end of mailer, This unique feature is USP of MailGet. Even biggest of mailing solution is not giving this feature as part of their solution. It’s too much of ask from platforms like Mailwizz and Sendy.
  4. Hosting Fees Savings – Monthly fees of hosting to use Mailwizz or sendy to send mail is equivalent to MailGet monthly fees. Infact your monthly charges to use MailGet will be less.

MailGet Review

Grab It NOW

MailGet Review – Bonuses

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Thank you for reading my MailGet Review best wishes to you!

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