Home Theme & Plugin Commission Bullseye Review – Turns Regular Blog Normal Traffic Into The Extraordinary. Displaying Different, More Targeted Content According To The Visitors Location!

Commission Bullseye Review – Turns Regular Blog Normal Traffic Into The Extraordinary. Displaying Different, More Targeted Content According To The Visitors Location!

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Commission Bullseye Review

Commission Bullseye Review – Double Your Commissions Without Increasing Traffic With This NEW Auto Targeting WordPress Plugin!

Commission Bullseye Review – Overview

Commission Bullseye Review – What is it ?

Commission Bullseye is a brand new WordPress plugin that lets you place geo targeted content on your blog. Commission Bullseye will display Amazon ads for multiple countries, show certain content or ads to targeted locations and more.

Commission Bullseye is the easiest way to delivery truly impressive results from the most targeted Amazon adverts, video content, optin forms, popups, slide-in’s and more without ever having to touch a single line of code. This set-and-forget system allows you to control your website on a scale previously unheard of, with the ability to update and add new campaigns within moments.

With Commission Bullseye, you will able to…

  • Full control of your blog content, ads and optin forms
  • Use multiple Amazon accounts on your blog at once
  • More money from Shopify, CPA offers, JVZoo, Clickbank & More…
  • More profit for every click
  • Automatic set up wizard for easy application on your entire site

Watch Commission Bullseye Demo Video

Here’s How To Instantly Multiply Your Profits With Commission Bullseye

Making sales becomes a LOT easier, when the sales message lines up with what people are wanting to buy, in a way that makes sense to them.

Commission Bullseye Review – What You Can Do With It ?

Commission Bullseye is the most flexible conversion boosting plugin on the market…

You might already have some ideas about how to use this on your blog – the flexibility of this software opens up a lot of opportunities.  Here are a few more ideas you might not have considered yet, to show you what you can achieve with this set-and-forget conversion boosting WordPress plugin.

People are generating more commissions, getting more social shares, leads & sales with this plugin, keep reading to see how!


Display ads to people who can buy by connecting Amazon accounts in any of these countries!

Limiting yourself to selling products from ONE Amazon country is costing you a LOT of money.  With Commission Bullseye you can capture the attention of the xxx% of traffic who aren’t based in the US, with ads from their country – in their language – in their currency.

  • Cheaper Shipping – Most people LOVE Amazon because of the guaranteed cheaper prices – but if the offers aren’t relevant to your customer and they’re forced to pay higher shipping fees, it undoes the biggest benefit people see from Amazon. Adding this plugin to your site will let you sell direct to them at a price that beats other competitors.
  • Many Countries Supported – You can currently connect any of the following countries, with more coming as Amazon releases API support: United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, China, Japan and India


Add a new level of targeting, turning a single ‘regular’ ad into limitless possibilities

  • Make your single ad go a WHOLE lot further. Simply set up a regular Facebook (or any other) ad and when your visitor lands on the page, add  send it to your page you’re able to turn that one ad into multiple highly targeted campaigns.


(SSSS…) Sneaky Sales Spike Strategies – Another great opportunity to boost sales is by targeting specific ads to certain events. Run one, highly targeted campaign to a country… without having to sacrifice sales to people where that ad would be totally irrelevant.

  • Weather Conditions – A hardware store may target consumers with content promoting snow shovels or snow blowers.
  • Local Holidays & Celebrations – The week before St. Patrick’s Day, a clothing store may promote its green colored or festive attire.
  • Even MORE Localisation – Even IF you’re getting a ton of traffic from one country… you can clean up big-time, by doing HYPER targeting within the regions, or even cities. You can make the offers relevant to them based on local events that are happening at the time, or tweaking it to reflect some of the language that is specific to that region too.


You’re no longer restricted to promoting broadly and hoping some of your traffic will convert

  • CPA networks are smart… they automatically use geo targeting redirection, so if you send clicks to a country that isn’t covered under what they will pay, they redirect you to a different offer.
  • A lot of them don’t even pay you for that lost traffic. Their reasoning is that you’ve agreed to send to US (for example) traffic, so the extra traffic is in violation of the agreement you signed, when really – they’re just exploiting a loophole and claiming that traffic for themselves!
  • Now, you can control the content – so you can ONLY show links to certain CPA offers, to certain countries – so YOU send 100% valid traffic to every offer – instantly skyrocketing your results.


Commission Bullseye Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?

Commission Bullseye Turns Regular Blog Normal Traffic Into The Extraordinary. Displaying Different, More Targeted Content According To The Visitors Location.

  • Profit From ALL Of Your Traffic: Set up and deploy focused or entire campaigns in moments.
  • Get Access To Set Up Wizard: You’ll never be stuck, with step-by-step easy dashboard.
  • Get Grandfathered For Life: Buy today and receive one-click updates for all future upgrades.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Don’t like it? No worries. Try for a full 30 days, no risk.

Commission Bullseye Review

Commission Bullseye Review – My Bonuses

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Thank you for reading my Commission Bullseye Review best wishes to you!

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