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Animatio Review – Unique Visual Impact App Bring Breath New Life Into Your Websites… Animations, Scrolling Entrances, Sound Effects, Voice Prompts!

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Animatio Review

Animatio Review – Animatio is a Unique Visual Impact App that will help you Forces People to Read Your Page and Buy More… in minutes!

Animatio Review – Overview

  • Product: Animatio App
  • Vendor: Mark Bishop el al
  • Official Website: Click here to go Animatio Official Site
  • Launch Date: 2017 – 08 – 07 At 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27 – $197
  • Niche: Software

Animatio Review – What is it ?

Animatio is a unique visual Impact App which enables users to fix eyeballs to the page instantly… Forget changing themes, upgrading to the latest page builder or installing multiple plugins. Animation does it all… Just 1 click animates any element on any WP based page.

Animatio works with every WordPress theme & page builder on the market! It’ll even bring boring free WP themes to life… in seconds. Once installed Animatio is instantly accessible from the WP top menu on all pages (No need to mess around with posts and pages in admin). Simply click the Animatio link… Click on the element you want to Animate, choose your animation and save… That’s it, you’re done.


Animatio Review – How Does It Works ?

Animatio was designed to be easier than easy to use… so easy even the newest of Newbies will be able to animate their websites in seconds…

  1. Download And Install: You simply download and install “Animatio” plugin the same way you would any other… (Fully tested to work with other plugins, Themes and Page Builders).
  2. Pick The Page You Want To Animate: Simply find the Page you want to edit click on Animatio… Use Animatio live page App to edit any page element you like in real time and without having to visit page admin… Edit, Animate and re-vamp the whole page in minutes.
  3. Select the Effect You Want: Click on the animation you would like, choose the element… Animation, Sound Effect or Voice Template. You can even customize all of the effects to fit what you want it to do.
  4. Adjust Timings: Set the timing of each / any element to suite your page… Set delays, Set Pixel Scrolls (so animation take place as your visitors scroll down your page.
  5. Apply and Save: When you are happy with the effect for that element, just click ‘Save’ and now your effect is instantly ready to draw in the attention of your visitors. Then just sit back and watch your engagement skyrocket and your profits increase as people focus on your main message and call-to-actions.

Watch Animatio Demo Video

Animatio Review – The Features

The Powerful Features Of Animatio App…

  • Simple User Interface – No messing about with code, CSS or anything like that. Find the page you wish to edit… click the ANIMATIO Icon at the top of the page. Animatio will open on top of your page… you can drag the app box anywhere you like… any edits you make are ‘Real Time’.
  • 50 Animations Included – 50 animations ready to apply to your page instantly ranging from pulse to bounce or fade in… and everything in between. The Flip, they stretch, they swing and zoom in or out… They bounce once or they bounce in a loop… You decide what works on your pages, add as many animations to each or any page as you like.
  • Works With All Themes & Page Builders – You’ll never need to change your website theme or Page builder again. Add Animatio in minutes (the same way you would install any plugin). Once installed you can Animate any page or post you like in seconds.
  • 50 Male & Female Voice Templates – Add voice prompts on hover… I.e. your visitor hovers over the buy button and the button talks to them and tells them to click here to buy… Add as many voice prompts to your pages as you like… add them to any element. You’ll see what each template says in the drop down menu – 50 to choose from.
  • 30 Sound Effects – On top of Voice prompts and templates we’ve also included over 30 sound effect for you to use on your pages in order to grab attention. Add them to Animations or attribute them to cursor hover.
  • Full Training & Tutorials – Animation is so easy to use we doubted anyone would need any training but we included it anyway. You’ll receive instant access to our platform straight after purchase where you can download the plugin as well as watch the training videos, or read the training PDF…You get all tutorials in video and PDF.
  • Timer, Delay, Repeat & Pixel Scroll – Animatio puts you in control… you control when specific animations occur. Set them on a delay, set them to happen as the page loads, set them to happen once or click repeat and that animation continues to draw attention. Set Pixel Scroll… so animation occurs as people scroll your page, that way you can guarantee they see it and your animation has the desired impact.

Animatio Review – Why Should You Use It ?

ANIMATIO Will Change the Way You Market Online Forever… Are you ready to dramatically improve your chances of grabbing your website visitor’s attention, and sky-rocketing your profits… without changing your site, your theme or page builder?

Are You Ready to put it to the test?

  • ARE YOU A PRODUCT CREATOR ? Animate your sales and landing pages for Maximum Impact… As a product creator you already know how important it is to make sure your visitors see the whole picture. Because when they do they are far more likely to purchase your product… Make sure they stay on your page and keep reading, so you can make that sale!
  • ARE YOU AN AFFILIATE ? Then standing out from all the other affiliates makes sense. Animate headlines, videos, images on your bonus pages, on your review pages. Pinpoint the key elements and ensure they buy through you… That’s exactly what they do… and it works!
  • ARE YOU A BLOGGER ? People blog in all sorts of niches and for all sorts of reasons… but whatever that niche or reason is, it probably boils down to selling a product or service. A typical blog can often be jammed full of content… and that’s great but how do you make sure your visitors see that special post… those links, your opt-in box or that special offer? You spent time building that blog… Now make sure your visitors see what you want them to see.
  • DO YOU RUN ECOM STORES ? As with any online business you need to make a profit… Are your customers seeing your best deals? are they seeing your special offers. If you are not pinpointing the very offers you want to sell you may well be loosing business, customers and sales. Use ANIMATIO to hit that subconscious response and get your visitors clicking the right offers.

Animatio Review

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Thank you for reading my Animatio Review best wishes to you!

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